Ever since I was given the choice, age 15, between my own PC or a moped, the path was pretty much set. I wasn’t gonna be a mechanic, but computers intrigued me. So now, some 16 years later, I find myself as a full stack web developer.


Got my degree from Mid-Sweden University, in Computer Engineering. Started working at Konkret, on a 6-month contract. I had worked a few odd jobs before and during university, but nothing really suited me. At Konkret I worked with primarily HTML, CSS and PHP. Turning PSD layouts into code for frontend. WordPress was pretty much their standard solution for all things on the web. We didn’t have much in terms of deployment, versioning or build tools but we had fun most days!


After Konkret I decided to take up a position at Lagercrantz Media. I felt like I needed to learn from a good team, and keep advancing my skills (this never stopped). We were a small but ambitious team of full stack developers that worked mostly with HTML, CSS and PHP. We used WordPress as well as Drupal 7, and later we got into object-oriented PHP through the framework CakePHP. Jquery was still pretty big but we started to lean more to frameworks, and I got my first taste of Angular here. I also got started with Git, build tools like Grunt and more serious web application development.

In September 2013 Lagercrantz Media merged with one of their bigger clients, Framtidsutveckling, and formed a new company called Mangrove Publishing. We were to support the clients’ websites, keep developing in CakePHP and take on outside work when needed. The entire staff went along with the merger, but it soon turned out to be an ill-fated venture. People started quitting due to managerial problems, and I followed suit in May 2014.


For me, the year started at Fr√∂jd Interactive but after 3 months I quit. I didn’t particularly like working as a WordPress developer, getting nowhere in terms of advancing my own skills as a web developer. In August the same year I signed on at Framtidsutveckling, who needed my skills and experience managing their sites. At Framtidsutveckling I pretty much just took up maintaining the old sites I had helped develop, and made the case for modernizing parts of our now pretty outdated stack. I got into NodeJS, Elastic Search, modern Javascript and virtualization, as well as server management in Linux.


I started feeling like maybe was time to keep pushing forward. A lot had happened in PHP in 2016, but I was still using old frameworks like CakePHP. Then Adaptive Media came along and I started working there, again as a full stack developer. Adaptive Media were heavily into Laravel 5 by this point, but also had some CodeIgniter projects. I would credit them a lot for the skills I acquired there, we had a very competent and ambitious team. Still full stack, I learned more Javascript (working primarily with VueJS), NPM and modern tools like webpack. Getting into Laravel also meant seriously writing tests in PHPUnit.


In March 2017 I was offered the role as lead web developer at Academic Positions, and I accepted. They were just in the process of finishing their new online job ad platform, written entirely in Symfony 2 by an outsourced team, supplemented by a junior developer inhouse.

As one of my bigger projects, I’ve developed a brand-new website called Academic Stories using Laravel 5.5, with Memcache, Redis and various other cool stuff. This project also called for the need to provision a new web server (Nginx, MariaDB) and move operations inhouse from a previously managed hosting solution. Trying to cut costs and use cloud services, I moved assets into Amazon Web Services.