This blog doesn’t pull that many visitors, it’s sort of a work in progress. So when moving from a shared hosting solution I was looking for an option that:

  1. Is cheap
  2. Requires little manual tinkering

This was surprisingly difficult to find. I mean, you could always get another shared hosting solution, or choose a package solution specifically for running one WordPress site, but most either put unnecessary restrictions (“you can only have one of these selected WordPress themes”) or just cost more than I used to spend. It’s just a WordPress blog after all. And on the other end – sure, you could always spin up a VPS instance for $5 per month and that would do. But then you’ll spend too much time just setting up your own server.

So when I found Vultrs app containers I was pleasantly surprised. At $5 you can get your own instance of a pre-configured container running WordPress (or something else). A few minutes of configuration and you’re basically up. It remains to be seen if this approach comes with any substantial drawbacks but initially I’m pleased with the service.