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Month: August 2017

Choose boring technology

A modern classic, one could say. Dan McKinley about the perils of early adoption:

One of the most worthwhile exercises I recommend here is to consider how you would solve your immediate problem without adding anything new. First, posing this question should detect the situation where the “problem” is that someone really wants to use the technology. If that is the case, you should immediately abort.

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In defense of XML

Niche Software writes a blog in defense of the XML format. To be honest, I’m guilty of this. I hate XML documents that are verbose and unsightly.

However, should poor use of XML, even if widespread, be sufficient for us to abandon use completely? Especially when the very flexibility — extensibility — of XML has allowed it to be misused in the first place.

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How to make your code sustainable – what they don’t teach you

Great talk from Christin Gorman about making code just complex enough. (Her ranting about interfaces reminds of my everyday job.)

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